Unlock the Secrets of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0

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Unlock the Secrets of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0

Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 is a game-changer in the world of miniature painting, offering a unique blend of speed and quality that will elevate your hobby experience.

Editor’s Note: Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 was released on [date], and has quickly gained recognition for its exceptional capabilities. Understanding its significance, we’ve dedicated extensive time in research and analysis to present this comprehensive guide, empowering you to make informed decisions about this innovative product.

Through rigorous analysis and dedicated research, we’ve compiled this Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 guide to assist you in making informed decisions about this groundbreaking product.

Key Differences or Key Takeaways

Feature Army Painter Speedpaint 1.0 Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0
Drying Time Slower drying time Faster drying time
Opacity Less opaque More opaque
Finish Matte finish Satin finish
Number of Colors Limited color range Expanded color range

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In the following sections, we’ll delve into the remarkable features, benefits, and applications of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0. Whether you’re a seasoned miniature painter or just starting your journey, this guide will provide valuable insights and help you unlock the full potential of this groundbreaking product.

Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0

Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 is a revolutionary product that combines the convenience of speed with the quality of traditional paints. Here are eight key aspects that make it a remarkable choice for miniature painters:

  • Fast Drying: Dries quickly, allowing for efficient painting sessions.
  • High Opacity: Provides excellent coverage with a single coat.
  • Satin Finish: Gives miniatures a natural, semi-gloss appearance.
  • Wide Color Range: Offers a diverse palette to match any color scheme.
  • Pre-Mixed Formula: Eliminates the need for mixing and thinning, saving time.
  • Self-Leveling: Smooths out brushstrokes for a uniform finish.
  • Non-Toxic: Safe for use in well-ventilated areas.
  • Versatile: Suitable for various miniature types and scales.

These aspects combine to make Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 an exceptional choice for miniature painters. Its fast drying time and high opacity allow for efficient painting, while its satin finish and wide color range provide a stunning final result. The pre-mixed formula and self-leveling properties make it easy to use, while its non-toxic nature and versatility make it a safe and practical choice for any miniature painting project.

Fast Drying

The fast drying time of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 is a key aspect that contributes to its efficiency and effectiveness. This feature offers several advantages for miniature painters:

  • Reduced Painting Time: The quick drying time allows painters to complete their projects more quickly, saving valuable time.
  • Faster Touch-Ups: When making touch-ups or corrections, the fast drying time ensures that the paint dries quickly, preventing smudging or blending.
  • Efficient Batch Painting: For painters working on multiple miniatures simultaneously, the fast drying time enables them to paint and dry several miniatures at once, maximizing productivity.
  • Less Waiting Time: The reduced drying time eliminates the need for extended waiting periods between coats, allowing painters to move seamlessly from one stage to the next.

These advantages collectively enhance the overall painting experience, making Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 an excellent choice for miniature painters seeking efficiency and productivity.

High Opacity

The high opacity of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 is a crucial aspect that enhances its effectiveness and convenience in miniature painting. This characteristic offers several key benefits:

  • Reduced Painting Time: The high opacity allows painters to achieve excellent coverage with a single coat, reducing the number of coats required and saving valuable time.
  • Improved Paint Efficiency: With its high opacity, Speedpaint 2.0 requires less paint to cover the same surface area, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.
  • Smoother Finish: The single-coat coverage provided by the high opacity results in a smoother and more uniform finish, minimizing brushstrokes and imperfections.
  • Easier Blending and Layering: The high opacity of Speedpaint 2.0 makes it easier to blend and layer colors, allowing for smooth transitions and greater depth in the final result.

In summary, the high opacity of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 significantly enhances the painting experience by reducing the time and effort required, improving paint efficiency, and facilitating smoother finishes and more effective blending.

Satin Finish

The satin finish of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 plays a significant role in enhancing the overall aesthetic of painted miniatures. Satin finishes offer a balance between the extreme shine of a gloss finish and the flatness of a matte finish, resulting in a natural, semi-gloss appearance that mimics the look of many real-world materials.

  • Realistic: The satin finish of Speedpaint 2.0 imparts a realistic texture to miniatures, making them appear more lifelike and immersive. This is particularly beneficial for miniatures representing organic materials such as skin, leather, and wood.
  • Reduced Glare: Unlike gloss finishes, satin finishes exhibit reduced glare, minimizing distractions and allowing for better appreciation of the miniature’s details. This is especially important for tabletop gaming, where excessive glare can hinder visibility and gameplay.
  • Enhanced Contrast: The semi-gloss nature of a satin finish accentuates the contrast between different colors and textures on the miniature, creating a more visually striking and dynamic appearance.
  • Durability: Satin finishes offer increased durability compared to matte finishes, providing better protection against wear and tear during handling and gameplay.

Overall, the satin finish of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 contributes to the creation of visually appealing and realistic miniatures, making it a preferred choice for miniature painters seeking a natural and semi-gloss aesthetic.

Wide Color Range

The wide color range of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 is a significant advantage that empowers miniature painters to achieve a vast array of color schemes and effects. This diverse palette offers several key benefits:

Enhanced Creativity: The wide color range allows painters to explore their creativity and bring their unique visions to life. Whether replicating historical uniforms, creating fantasy characters, or designing original color combinations, Speedpaint 2.0 provides the colors to match any desired aesthetic.

Accurate Historical Representation: For miniature painters focused on historical accuracy, Speedpaint 2.0‘s wide color range enables them to match the specific colors and patterns used by military units throughout history. This level of detail enhances the realism and authenticity of historical miniatures.

Diverse Fantasy Options: In the realm of fantasy miniatures, the wide color range of Speedpaint 2.0 allows painters to create vibrant and imaginative color schemes. From the vibrant scales of dragons to the ethereal glow of magical creatures, the diverse palette supports the creation of captivating and otherworldly miniatures.

Tabletop Gaming Versatility: For tabletop gamers, the wide color range is crucial for differentiating between factions, units, and characters. Speedpaint 2.0 provides a diverse selection of colors to ensure that each miniature is easily identifiable and visually distinct on the tabletop.

In summary, the wide color range of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 is an essential component that enables miniature painters to match any color scheme, enhance their creativity, achieve historical accuracy, explore diverse fantasy options, and create visually distinct tabletop miniatures.

Pre-Mixed Formula

The pre-mixed formula of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 is a significant advantage that streamlines the miniature painting process and saves valuable time for hobbyists.

Traditionally, miniature painters had to mix and thin their paints to achieve the desired consistency and opacity. This process could be time-consuming and required careful attention to ratios to ensure the paint performed as intended. However, with Speedpaint 2.0, the pre-mixed formula eliminates these steps entirely.

The pre-mixed formula is meticulously crafted to provide the ideal balance of pigment and medium, ensuring consistent results and optimal performance right out of the bottle. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors that can occur during the mixing process, such as incorrect ratios or color variations.

The time saved by using a pre-mixed formula can be substantial, particularly for large projects or batch painting. Painters can spend less time on preparation and more time on the creative aspects of their hobby, enhancing their productivity and efficiency.

In summary, the pre-mixed formula of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 is a key feature that simplifies the painting process, saves time, and ensures consistent results, making it an invaluable tool for miniature painters of all skill levels.


The self-leveling property of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 is a key differentiator that contributes to the creation of smooth and uniform finishes on miniature models.

  • Reduced Brushstrokes: The self-leveling formula helps to minimize visible brushstrokes, resulting in a smoother and more polished appearance. This is especially beneficial for large, flat areas or when working with metallic or glossy paints.
  • Enhanced Realism: The uniform finish created by self-leveling enhances the realism of painted miniatures by reducing the appearance of imperfections and creating a more natural look.
  • Easier Blending: Self-leveling paints blend more seamlessly, allowing for smoother transitions between colors and tones. This is crucial for creating depth and realism in miniature painting.
  • Improved Precision: The self-leveling property helps to improve precision when painting fine details or applying washes, as the paint flows smoothly into recesses and crevices, reducing the risk of smudging or overpainting.

Overall, the self-leveling property of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 greatly enhances the painting experience, making it easier to achieve professional-looking results with less effort.


The non-toxic nature of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 is a crucial aspect that contributes to its safety and ease of use. Its water-based formula is free from harmful chemicals, making it safe for use in well-ventilated areas without the need for specialized protective gear.

The importance of using non-toxic paints cannot be overstated, especially for miniature painters who spend countless hours working in close proximity to their paints. Exposure to toxic fumes can have detrimental effects on health, including respiratory issues, skin irritation, and even neurological problems. Speedpaint 2.0 eliminates these concerns, allowing painters to focus on their hobby without compromising their well-being.

Furthermore, the non-toxic nature of Speedpaint 2.0 makes it an excellent choice for younger hobbyists or those who share their painting space with others. Parents can rest assured that their children are not exposed to harmful substances while enjoying their creative pursuits.

In summary, the non-toxic nature of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 is an essential component that ensures the safety and health of miniature painters, allowing them to pursue their hobby with peace of mind.


The versatility of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 is a key factor that contributes to its popularity among miniature painters. Its suitability for various miniature types and scales makes it an indispensable tool for hobbyists working on a wide range of projects.

  • Multi-Material Compatibility: Speedpaint 2.0 adheres effectively to different materials commonly used in miniature models, including resin, plastic, and metal. This versatility allows painters to use it on a wide variety of miniatures, regardless of their composition.
  • Scale Flexibility: Speedpaint 2.0 is suitable for miniatures of various scales, from small 6mm wargaming miniatures to larger 54mm scale models. This flexibility makes it a practical choice for painters working on different miniature sizes, allowing them to maintain consistency in their painting style.
  • Broad Genre Applicability: Speedpaint 2.0 is equally effective for painting miniatures from various genres, including fantasy, historical, and sci-fi. Its diverse color range and versatility make it a suitable choice for a wide range of miniature types, from medieval knights to futuristic space marines.
  • Terrain and Scenery: In addition to miniatures, Speedpaint 2.0 can also be used to paint terrain and scenery elements. Its fast drying time and self-leveling properties make it ideal for quickly and effectively adding detail and color to miniature environments.

In summary, the versatility of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 makes it a highly adaptable paint system that can be used on a wide range of miniature types, scales, and genres. Its multi-material compatibility, scale flexibility, broad genre applicability, and suitability for terrain and scenery make it an indispensable tool for miniature painters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0

This section addresses common questions and misconceptions about Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0, providing clear and informative answers to assist miniature painters in making informed decisions.

Question 1: Is Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 suitable for beginners?

Yes, Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 is an excellent choice for beginners due to its user-friendly pre-mixed formula, fast drying time, and self-leveling properties. These features simplify the painting process, allowing beginners to achieve good results with minimal experience.

Question 2: How does the drying time of Speedpaint 2.0 compare to other paints?

Speedpaint 2.0 has a significantly faster drying time compared to traditional miniature paints. It can dry to the touch in as little as 10-15 minutes, allowing painters to complete their projects more quickly and efficiently.

Question 3: Does Speedpaint 2.0 require thinning?

No, Speedpaint 2.0 does not require thinning. It is pre-mixed to an optimal consistency that provides good coverage and flow without the need for additional thinning.

Question 4: Can Speedpaint 2.0 be used over other types of paint?

Yes, Speedpaint 2.0 can be used over other types of miniature paint, such as acrylics and enamels. However, it is important to note that the drying times may vary depending on the type of paint used underneath.

Question 5: Is Speedpaint 2.0 suitable for airbrushing?

Yes, Speedpaint 2.0 can be used for airbrushing, but it is recommended to thin the paint slightly with an airbrush thinner to achieve the desired consistency. This will help prevent clogging and ensure smooth application.

Question 6: How should I store Speedpaint 2.0 to maintain its quality?

Speedpaint 2.0 should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Always ensure the lid is tightly closed after use to prevent the paint from drying out or becoming contaminated.

These FAQs provide valuable insights and guidance for miniature painters considering using Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0. By addressing common concerns and misconceptions, this section empowers hobbyists to make informed decisions and enhance their painting experience.

Transition to the next article section: Continuing our exploration of Speedpaint 2.0, let’s delve into its compatibility with other painting techniques, such as washes and glazes.

Tips for Utilizing Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 Effectively

To maximize the effectiveness of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 in miniature painting, consider implementing the following tips and techniques:

Tip 1: Prepare Your Miniatures Properly

Before applying Speedpaint 2.0, ensure your miniatures are adequately prepared to receive the paint. Remove any mold lines, flash, or imperfections from the miniature’s surface. Priming the miniature with a suitable primer will create an optimal base for the paint to adhere to.

Tip 2: Thin Speedpaint 2.0 for Airbrushing

When using Speedpaint 2.0 with an airbrush, it is advisable to thin the paint slightly with an airbrush thinner. This adjustment improves the paint’s flow and prevents clogging, resulting in smoother application and finer details.

Tip 3: Apply Thin Layers

Speedpaint 2.0’s high pigmentation allows for excellent coverage. Apply thin layers of paint and build up the color gradually. This technique helps to avoid obscuring details and maintains the miniature’s natural contours.

Tip 4: Leverage Washes and Glazes

Incorporating washes and glazes into your painting process can enhance the depth and realism of your miniatures. Use washes to create shadows and define recesses, and apply glazes to add subtle color variations and effects.

Tip 5: Experiment with Blending

Speedpaint 2.0’s fast drying time allows for effective blending techniques. Use a damp brush to blend different colors while they are still wet, creating smooth transitions and gradients on the miniature’s surface.

Tip 6: Protect Your Work with Varnish

Once you are satisfied with your paint job, applying a layer of varnish will protect the painted surface from wear and tear. Varnishes are available in various finishes, such as gloss, matte, or satin, allowing you to choose the desired effect for your miniature.

By following these tips, you can harness the capabilities of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 and elevate the quality of your miniature painting. Remember to practice and experiment with different techniques to discover what works best for your style and the desired results.

Conclusion: Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 is a powerful tool that can streamline your miniature painting process and produce stunning results. By implementing these tips and incorporating them into your workflow, you can unlock the full potential of this innovative paint system and bring your miniatures to life with exceptional detail and vibrancy.


Our exploration of Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 has revealed its exceptional capabilities and versatility in the world of miniature painting. Its unique combination of speed, opacity, and self-leveling properties empowers hobbyists to achieve high-quality results efficiently.

Speedpaint 2.0’s user-friendly nature and diverse color range make it a suitable choice for beginners and experienced painters alike. Its compatibility with various miniature types and scales, along with the option to use it with airbrushes, further expands its utility.

Incorporating Speedpaint 2.0 into your miniature painting workflow can enhance your productivity and precision. By following the tips and techniques discussed in this article, you can harness the full potential of this innovative paint system and elevate your miniature painting skills to new heights.

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