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How To Paint A Guitar Pickguard

How To Paint A Guitar Pickguard. You can also go the long route and build a jig and let a router do the cutting. I think most pick guards are probably acrylic, and most spray paints stick to acrylic very well.

Painting my strat pickguard
Painting my strat pickguard from

I use clear acrylic from the hardware store and paint it from the back. I want to paint something on the pickguard (with enough red that it matches), and i was wondering how i would do this. What kind of paint do you use on a pickguard?

I Think It's A Really Great Idea To Do That For.

It dries super fast, although it takes 7 days to achieve maximum strenght. Anybody here ever spray painted a pickguard. Aug 25, 2006 #2 use clear.

Besides, A Custom Lull Deserves Better Than A Spraypainted Pickguard.

My question is how do you paint a pickguard? 36 how to transform your guitar pickguard for five dollars; Click to copy post link.

It Would Be A Shame To Paint Some Lovely, Intricate Design Only To Have A Pickguard Screwed Down Over It, Hiding It From The World.

I have the guitar done, just need that pickguard's paint to work lol. If you decide to go with spray paint, make sure it is formulated for use on plastic, high solvent paint will melt the pickguard. And one of the most interesting tricks that if your guitar pickguard does not wear down or either become very thin and flimsy or slowly start peeling off, you totally can have like a new one just by decorating it with markers or paint, such a very customizing, interesting as well as inexpensive way!

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On A Pickguard?

I had a vintage white sx bass once and painted the pickguard crimson. Make a diy custom guitar pickguard: I said, sure, i can make that.he provided me with a sheet of the material which is a plastic of some kind meant to be used for pickguards.

Then I Would Use Acrylic Paint If You Can It's A Lot Tougher Than Normal Paint.

I think any cheap silver spray paint will work although i might stay away from lacquer. I'm a complete novice at modding guitars, and wanted to start by changing up my pickguard. I think most pick guards are probably acrylic, and most spray paints stick to acrylic very well.

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