How To Paint Stair Spindles

How To Paint Stair Spindles. I did a color and sheen match then painted them using the method i described above. Most of the time, people touch a staircase railing, for instance, instead of the spindles.

Painted Spindles Painted stair railings, Painted stairs
Painted Spindles Painted stair railings, Painted stairs from

Stair spindles are arguably the part of the staircase that can most date the look of your house. How to paint stair spindles the easy way. Chloe berk one of the most daunting home tasks has to be painting stair spindles.

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If your spindles have a shiny finish on them, this will need to be sanded off. I’ve used my spray gun, spray paint from a can, i’ve tried various brushes from round, soft, synthetic, natural and i’ve also used a sponge. Believe it or not, a fast and effective way to paint your stair spindles is to use an old sock.

This Post Taught Me All About It, And If You Get Adventurous And Want To Paint Your Stair Spindles Too, I Definitely Suggest The Sock Route.

We really like when clients want to give spindles a new look because this is one place where a new coat of paint can really pop. Fine sand paper, rag, plastic glove, sock, mini roller, frog tape, and paint (of course!). If you want to paint or stain your spindles, it's important to know what to use.

It Takes About A Full Day To Get All Of The Spindles.

Read on for tips about painting and staining for consistency. Most often, railings are stained to retain the natural appearance of the wood. Dip your hand into the paint and apply it to all areas, making sure not to miss any of the nooks and crannies.

A Better Way To Remove Old Paint From Stair Spindles Is To Use.

Once i got into a groove, the task went quite fast. You do not need to remove the paint itself, just the glossy sheen. In this situation, the spindles, stringer, and shoe rail had already been painted when the house was built so spraying all of those then was a no brainer.

In Past I Have Done It All With Just A Brush.

Customer wanted me to paint the handrails and posts (which were stained and clearcoated oak) to match. We love the matte paint used here—though the rainbow colors are bright and bold, the matte look creates a slightly more subtle and vintage feel that works in any home. They come in all sorts of styles, including twisty and intricate designs.

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