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Stain Over Paint Technique

Stain Over Paint Technique. Allow the gel stain to dry before this next step completely. You will require a few different tools such as a cutting tool (comb like brush), a softening bush (some times called a badger softener) and a dragging brush.

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You should always practice on a few pieces of scrap wood that is from the project you are working on, to make sure you will achieve the look you want. Allow the wood to dry thoroughly before proceeding to ensure the stain. You don’t need as much coverage as the painting step.

Step #2 Applying The Stain Over The Paint.

Once the paint is dried, decide it needs to be a deeper color so add dark stain over the stain. This is just adding some extra dimension to the piece. Prior to staining it's important to clean the wood to remove any stains or mildew and eliminate graying, and perform any necessary repairs.

Paint With Greater Gloss Means That The Surface Is Less Porous.

The stain will adhere better to the object if it is free of dirt or grime. To stencil, you put some paint. This is why wood grains tend to be more pronounced on stained wood, giving it a unique texture and natural beauty.

Allow The Gel Stain To Dry Before This Next Step Completely.

For that, first strip off all of the paint, then apply the stain.; The idea is is that the paint will not stick to the areas where the wax is applied. You will also have to mix up scumble glaze and white spirit and the required pigment.

The Stain Will More Easily Slide Off, Resulting In A Lighter Color.

To stain over paint, you can use gel stain, which is able to stick to painted surfaces. So if that’s your jam, you’re in luck. It’s easy to get the look of a dark, rich stain on a painted piece of furniture as long as you know how to use gel stain as a faux finish.

If You Choose To Apply Stain Over A Painted Surface In Or Near Your Home, You Should Begin By Properly Equipping Yourself Wit Personal Protective Equipment (Ppe).

Allow the paint to dry (which shouldn’t take very long.) dip another chip brush into the white color stain. For this project, i used the tobacco road gel stain and applied it with a soft cloth. Pour about two tablespoons of mixed chalk/mineral paint onto your paint tray or plastic plate.

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