Photoshop Paint Bucket Tool Not Working

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Photoshop Paint Bucket Tool Not Working. Click anywhere in the image and the paint bucket will fill an area around the pixel you clicked. Out of gamut for printing.

How to use the Paint Bucket Tool YouTube
How to use the Paint Bucket Tool YouTube from

You’ll need to click on the paint bucket icon to activate the fill tool. 0 [help] paint bucket and color dropper tool not working. The paint bucket tool isn’t something which has been created just now or in about a few years ago.

At First Glance, It Looks Like An Image Of A Bucket Of Paint.

My paint bucket in photoshop elements 5 has stopped working. After you select the paint bucket, on the options bar to the far left (left of fill:) is a little bucket icon. With that, you have a good idea of where to find the paint bucket tool in photoshop and how to use it.

When You Start Pse Up Again, Hold The Shift Key Down.

When i click on another part of the photo, it does work. I have tried other colors (red, grey, pink, purple, etc.) and the paint bucket tool does not work with them but still works with black. Reset the tool by clicking on it.

The Paint Bucket Tool Is Not Working.

Also tried using the rectangular marquee tool to select an area within the page, and tried using the pain bucket to fill that in, but that didn't work either. Start date sep 3, 2014; Follow asked feb 1, 2015 at 0:04.

At First I Thought This Was Because I Am Using A Mouse And Not Digital Pen (On My Huion Kamvas) But It Does The Same Thing With The Digital.

You can fill with the foreground & background colors using your keyboard shortcuts. The width of the column. Paint bucket is not working correctly.

Additionally, You Can Use Your Keyboard Shortcuts To Fill In The Foreground & Background Colors.

Ever since the animate update it's broken. Also, whenever i choose a color, a caution sign appears that says warning: The paint bucket tool is apparently only working with the color black.

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